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Medical Waste Transport Oklahoma

Red Earth Environmental provides medical waste transport services throughout Oklahoma. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for the protection of public safety in all areas of transportation in the United States, as a consequence of the DOT mandate for public safety in transportation, DOT regulation specifies how hazardous materials are prepared, packaged and transported.

Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material is any substance or material that can burn, explode, react violently or cause injury or harm to people, property or the environment during transport. DOT has divided all hazardous materials into 9 hazard classes and numbered them 1 though 9.
1 – Explosives
2 – Gases
3 – Flammable and combustible materials
4 – Materials that can spontaneously combust or are dangerous when wet
5 – Oxidizers and organic peroxide
6 – Poisonous materials or infectious substances
7 – Radioactive materials
8 – Corrosives
9 – Miscellaneous hazardous materials

medical waste Oklahoma

Regulated Medical Waste Oklahoma

Regulated medical waste in Oklahoma is classified under hazard class 6.2 of the DOT regulations because it poses a risk of disease transmission to humans or animals.

The DOT defines regulated medical waste as:
A waste or reusable material, other than a culture or stock of an infectious
substance, that contains an infectious substance and is generated in:

  1. The diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals;
  2. Research pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human
    beings or animals; or
  3. The production or testing of biological products.

Discarded cultures and stocks of infectious substances are classified under hazard class 6.2 of the DOT regulations. They are called infectious substances by DOT regulation. Discarded cultures and stocks must meet more stringent packaging requirements than regulated medical waste.

Red Earth Environmental is a medical waste disposal company in Oklahoma that understands the importance of hazardous waste to be disposed of correctly and safely. As a professional waste disposal company in Oklahoma, we can make a difference, with stellar customer service, electronic tracking and 24-hour availability. Just think of us as your "full-time staff" for medical waste disposal in Oklahoma.

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